Bonheur Exotic Wood Timepieces are inextricably linked to the visionary spirit of passionate artisans & trained watch makers. Love local? Born in the fall of 2015, we exclusively specialize in manufacturing of one of a kind timepieces for the connoisseur. The studio now thrives in Burlington, ON Canada.

Bonheur: Name derived from the French language meaning: Happiness, Good time and/or Good hour!

The logo is a Calatrava Cross, a symbol of strength & honor for centuries. Four Crossbars, each with a deeper significance: Time, Life, Creation & Awareness.

We are designers by passion, horologists & artisan wood workers by trade. We create limited edition masterpieces using only ethically sourced rare exotic woods, high quality leathers, premium glass & steel. Our process is proprietary & patented from start to finish. As a result, BONHEUR™️ watches outperform & outlast any others for quality, lasting finish & above all, compliments!

We created the 'Bonheur5stars' philosophy. Portion of your purchase helps change the world. We donate portion of all sales to five registered charities.

After successful sold-out collections, design awards & radio/magazine features, BONHEUR™️ continues to deliver fashion forward designs. Check out the NEW 2019 collection recently released. You made this all happen! Thank you!


1. PREMIUM MECHANISMS for a precise long lasting timepiece

2. Stainless STEEL & High-Grade Scratch-Resistant Crystal Glass.


4. 'Do-it-yourself' SELF-SIZING TOOLS Included 2018-19

5. 'EASY SLIDERS' on Wood & Leather BANDS. Change bands easily 2018-19

6. Truly 100% NATURAL Wood Watch. No Paint, Stain or Colors

7. Industry leading 10 YEAR Warranty. Free Battery Replaement

8. Design AWARD 2017 & 2018

EXOTIC WOOD SPECIES (Click to learn more)

Olive Wood - Mediterranean (Premium)

Purpleheart Wood - South America

Ebony Wood & Zebra Wood - Africa (Premium)

Koa Wood - Hawaii USA (Premium)

Sandal Wood - India

Maple Wood & Walnut - Canada

Wenge Wood - Republic of Congo (Premium)

BONHEUR™️ (Bonheur Exotic Wood Timepieces) is exclusively sold in Canada, United States of America, France, Australia, United Kingdom and Switzerland (Oct 2018). We Ship Worldwide.