BONHEUR Exotic Wood Timepieces are inextricably linked to the visionary spirit of Jay A and his brilliant team of Canadian artisans. BONHEUR™️ was found in Toronto, ON Canada specializing in small batch manufacturing & creation of 'one of a kind' wood timepieces.

BONHEUR™️ brings together watch designers, horologists (watch makers), artisan wood workers and collectors under one banner to create limited edition masterpieces using only rare exotic woods and high quality materials. As a result, BONHEUR™️ watches outperform and outlast any other wood watch on the market for quality, build, service and compliments!

After two successful sold-out collections, winning design awards and being featured on radio/magazines, BONHEUR™️ timepieces continues to deliver fashion forward designs. The 2019 collection was just released a few weeks ago!

The studio now runs in Burlington, ON retaining customer relationships & jobs. 100% Canadian Owned & Operated. 


Our passion is watches for as long as we can remember! That's all we do. The timber is re-purposed wood, the stainless steel and glass are recycled. Each timepiece is finished by hand.

Our watch makers design using specialized lasers to carve the wood bracelet and wood case by hand and is all done in-house. We source the calibers from a certified supplier and offer an industry leading, ten year warranty to assure perfect build and longevity.

Each timepiece is tested before they leave our hands. We pay delicate attention to detail. No harmful chemicals are used in the build. We use premium Japanese Calibers in both automatic or quartz complications, non-glare scratch resistant Sapphire crystal or scratch-resistant Mineral glass. Our watches are made to be Water Resistant.


OLIVE WOOD from Italy/Greece (Mediterranean). PURPLE HEART WOOD from South America. EBONY WOOD & ZEBRA WOOD  from Africa. KOA WOOD from Hawaii. SANDALWOOD from India. MAPLE WOOD & WALNUT from Canada. WENGE from Congo. The world we love organically one with us.

BONHEUR™️ (Bonheur Exotic Wood Timepieces) is exclusively sold in Canada, United States of America, France, Australia, United Kingdom and Switzerland (Oct 2018)