Thank you for your interest in purchasing BONHEUR Exotic Wood Timepieces. If you already own one, congratulations & we welcome you to the BONHEUR family!

At the core of our creativity, we are inextricably linked to the visionary spirit of Jay A & our team of passionate Artisans & trained Horologists. Love local? Born in the fall of 2015 in Toronto, ON Canada, we exclusively specialize in manufacturing of 'one of a kind' timepieces for the discerning connoisseur.

BONHEUR derives it's name from the French language meaning Happiness, Good time and/or Good hour! Our Logo is a Calatrava Cross, a symbol of strength & honor for centuries. The process is proprietary & patented from start to finish. Each timepiece is numbered, unique and never repeated. Each is tested for Performance, Quality and Durability. As a result, BONHEUR™️ outperforms the competition for longevity, customer satisfaction & compliments!

We have the honor of being trusted by families at special occasions (weddings, birthdays & anniversaries). We carry the prestige of being exclusive at Art Galleries, luxury Fashion Boutiques & servicing the Fortune 500 companies for corporate gifts.

After multiple successful sold-out collections, design awards & radio/magazine features, BONHEUR™️ continues to deliver fashion forward designs. Check out the unique industry leading features on every 2019 collection! The creative production studio now thrives in Burlington, ON Canada.


1. PREMIUM JAPANESE MECHANISMS for a precise long lasting timepiece.

2. STAINLESS STEEL & High-Grade Scratch-Resistant Crystal Glass.


4. 'Do-it-yourself' SELF-SIZING TOOLS Included (2019 models only)

5. 'EASY SLIDERS' on Wood & Leather BANDS. Change bands yourself!

6. Truly 100% NATURAL Wood Watch. No Paint, Stain or Colors.

7. Industry leading 10 YEAR Warranty. Free Battery Replacement.

8. Design Award 2017 & 2018

9. Exclusive Numbered Timepieces


Olive Wood - Mediterranean

Purpleheart Wood - South America

Ebony Wood & Zebra Wood - Africa

Koa Wood - Hawaii USA

Sandal Wood - India

Maple Wood & Walnut - Canada

Wenge Wood - Republic of Congo

BONHEUR™️ (Bonheur Exotic Wood Timepieces) is exclusively sold in Canada, United States of America, France, Australia, United Kingdom and Switzerland (Oct 2018). We Ship Worldwide.