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Why Bonheur?

It's a French word for happiness, good times or good hour. Perfect name for a watch that transcends its material value and takes on a personal meaning. Timepieces today are cherished. Whether it's a gift to self or someone special, a Bonheur timepiece frequently becomes a symbol of exceptional moments.

How are they made?

Bonheur watches are handcrafted natural exotic woods sourced from our beautiful earth to create 'one of a kind' wearable art. We design from scratch using specialized CNC and Laser machines to carve the bracelet and body and then create each piece by hand. Each watch takes approximately 2 days to make by trained watch makers. Each watch is tested before they leave our factory. Proudly born in Canada in 2015.

We pay delicate attention to detail. The complete process is eco-friendly and our suppliers have to be ethical in sourcing in order to work with us. The body and bracelet are in-house creations of natural hard woods. Sealed with mineral oil and bee's wax. Zero chemicals. We source the hypoallergenic steel clasps, the premium Swiss and Japanese movements in both automatic and quartz complications, non-glare scratch resistant sapphire crystal and mineral glass. We engrave and laser each case-back. Add glow-in-the-dark luminous hands. New for 2017, water resistant to 3ATM.

What are some exotic woods we use? 

Simple answer is any exotic wood. Purpleheart from South America, Ebony & Zebrawood from Africa, Koa from Hawaii, Sandalwood from India, Maple & Walnut from North America. We're always adding more exotic woods to our exclusive collection. The world we love, organically one with us.

Why use a Bamboo Box?

The humidity stable bamboo box is used as apposed to cardboard box to protect your investment. Plus bamboo is sustainable! There is a pride of ownership in a unique piece of wearable art, a conversation starter! We do it because we love our specialized work. Passion meets purpose