CARE OF YOUR WOOD TIMEPIECE: Rub a Drop of Mineral Oil on the Wood Timepiece monthly or when the wood looks dry. Do not use chemical conditioners. Natural oils are best. Essential Oils are good too! 

SIMPLE WARRANTY: Two years on complete build (wood case, wood bracelet, metal clasp, glass, batteries & time keeping). Ten Years on Quartz/Automatic Mechanisms. Physical damage is not covered. Failure to condition/maintain the timepiece voids any warranty. Repair/Maintenance takes 2-4 Weeks. 

EASY SIZING Hold one screwdriver on the one side and turn the other from the opposite side. The screw cap comes off. Repeat this again under to remove a link. Once the link/links are removed, screw the cap back on and you're ready to wear your new timepiece!

30 DAY EXCHANGE/RETURN: If you are looking for an exchange or return on an unused timepiece, please contact us for address. You are responsible for shipping.

Questions? Please Email: or Text: (647) 546 TIME (8463)