QUESTION: How do I care for my BONHEUR watch?

ANSWER: We use exotic hard woods. They are great for daily wear. The best thing you can do for the wood of your watch is make sure it's properly conditioned. We recommend mineral oil or tung oil which can be found at any hardware store.

QUESTION: How can I adjust the wood watch to fit my wrist?

ANSWER: Self-Sizing Tools are included. To remove a link, hold/isolate one mini-screwdriver on one side and turn the other side with the second mini-screwdriver from the opposite side. Its a barrel & screw-out cap. The screw cap comes off. Repeat this again under to remove another link.

QUESTION: How do I set my watch?

AUTOMATIC: BONHEUR Self-Winding Watches have a SCREW-OUT crown for water resistance like a Rolex. To set: Unscrew the crown towards yourself till you feel the crown is loose. Gently pull out all the way and set TIME. Once time is set, gently push the crown in (do not screw in yet). At that halfway position, simply turn the crown forward 60 times to 'charge' the watch. Then PRESS & TURN the crown forward to screw the crown back in. The watch keeps that charge for 48 hours. The mechanism also charges with movement.

QUESTION: Can I have allergy to my watch?

ANSWER: Allergies are typically linked to metal watches. We use 100% Natural wood. We do not use any toxic chemicals. Our metal is hypo-allergenic too.

QUESTION: How does the BONHEUR Warranty work?

ANSWER: One year on the complete build. TEN YEARS on Quartz or Automatic Mechanism. Physical, Water or Accidental damages are not covered. If we cannot repair the watch covered under warranty, we will replace your watch with a current model watch of the same dollar value. Non warranty repair is $39.00

Email us to get the simple process started. Repair takes 2-4 weeks.