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A warranty that honors your purchase. We are citizens of the world and treat you like family.

1. We replace Bonheur Watch batteries free for life at special events

2. Sizing/adjustments are free for life. Wood cleaning & conditioning is free for life at special events. Proudly wear your watch to all local events and come say hello or if we slipped in serving you, visit us and we'll come to a win-win handshake agreement.

All our timepieces are thoroughly examined before we share it to you. However, if there is a defect in our craftsmanship, we will repair or exchange the watch free of cost within 1 (one) year. If we are sold out of that particular timepiece, we will credit you the same amount towards another current model timepiece.

Please email us at to start the simple process. All you need is proof of purchase from your online purchase or retail location. We are a small specialized operation but we have your best interests at heart. 

Care of the timepiece

Rub a drop of mineral oil on the timepiece. Wipe off the excess. Watch the wood grain pop and come to life. Do this every couple of months if you wear it daily or if you are a collector, prior to storing the timepiece for an extended period of time. We recommend you store the timepiece in the special bamboo box we provide. It's a humidor for your timepiece.

Exchange & Refund

Exchange your unused watch free of charge within 15 days. We ask that you cover the shipping charge back or see us at an event. Change your mind? Get a refund for your unused watch completely less shipping & sizing fees.

Watch repair

Physical damage is not covered under warranty. We can offer a free estimate and then you decide: 1. Green light the repair, 2. Replace the timepiece or 3. Get an upgrade. Watches must be mailed in or brought to one of our outlets/events for inspection in Canada or USA